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   OUR STORY....Archie’s Seabreeze through the years…In 1947 Archie’s was established as a military shack that served beer to male soldiers on South Beach.  In 1990 Patty McGee leased Archie’s kitchen for $125 a week. The kitchen had one refrigerator, no fryers and barely any customers.     


   In 1950 when Patty was a young girl, her family was traveling down to Florida from Kentucky. Exhausted and hungry, they stopped to eat at a restaurant. The barefooted family made their way to the front door. There was a sign that read “ No shoes, No shirt, No service”. Everyone made their way back to the car to get their shoes on. Unfortunately, Patty was the only kid who couldn’t  find her shoes and had to wait in the car. Everyone else was able to go inside. Patty sat alone in the car that night eating her dinner from a to-go container.  That is the moment in time that changed everything!  Patty imagined a place where everyone was welcomed, whether they had their shoes or their shirt on, they would be able to be served- no problem!

That was the moment that today’s Archie’s was born!