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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a fee to reserve for our party?


How many guests can you accomodate?

up to 300

Can we rent out the entire restuarant?

Please call us directly to discuss this possibility

May I choose a specific area in the restuarant to sit with my party?

Yes, you may request a specific area. Depending on the date and time we may or may not be able to accomodate that specific area.(Click here to view different areas in the restaurant)

Would we have a designated server especially for our party?

Depending on how many guests you have we would assign enough servers to give prompt

service for all of your guests.

I would like to pay for the whole event with open bar how

would that work?

 What we can do is keep a record of everything ordered and then present you with a bill at the end of the event. If you let us know what amount you would like to go to we will let you know when you are getting close to the limit and you can choose to stop the open bar or continue on. 

Would we be able to order buckets of beer for our party?

Sure, you can tell  us what you would like and we can place them on the tables or in one central

area for your guests to partake.

Do we order individually off of the full menu or can you give

us package pricing?

We are just not set up to do package pricing. You will work directly with one of our managers and they will make suggestions about appetizers and the cadence for the smoothest and best experience.

(Click here to view our menu)

Can we bring a cake?

Yes, we are able to store it in one of our coolers until you would like it served. Your servers will assist with cutting, plating and serving.

Can we decorate?

Yes, you can arrive up to 45 minutes before your reservation to decorate. Please use only Scotch tape to attach decorations. We also ask that you take down all decorations when the party is over.

How do you handle it if we just want to purchase a few appetizers for our guests and then let our guests purchase what they want for food and drinks on their own?

Everyone should be told that they will each be responsible for their own purchases either upon arrival or on the invitation.You would tell us ahead of time what you like to order and pay for for your guests. We usually wait until most everyone has arrived and then we put in the order to the kitchen. As soon as what you ordered is ready we bring it out and place it on one table for everyone or on different tables.

That portion of the food/drinks is gathered on one check and provided to you.

How do you handle a cash bar?

Guests will have a choice to order from your server and start a tab or walk directly up to the bar if they do not want to wait.Please let customers know when they arrive or on the invitations that there is a cash bar.

How long will you hold my reservation for?

15 minutes and then we release the tables for other customers.

 Also, it is usually easier for us to have one credit card for what you would like to pay for and then your guests may purchase whatever other items they would like.

Where can I look at the menu options for my party?

All of our pricing for menu items is on our website.(click here to view our menu)

Will I have a private area for my party?

We host  parties often, but it is NOT private. We typically close off one section of the restaurant, depending on the size of the party, and dedicate either one or two servers, again depending on the size. The restaurant is still open and it is possible that other patrons will be sitting near your party. 

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